Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I believe that he will win!

My brother decided to run for Student Body President.

The last two weeks have been a frenzy of campaign conference calls, picture taking for posters, brainstorming ideas and turning those ideas into action.

His application was pretty impressive. He's one of the most well rounded, smart, good kids at the school. He's also the blondest, whitest, and cutest, in my humble opinion.

We've all pitched in to help get this campaign off the ground with buttons and wrist bands and posters galore. It's been a lot of fun to bounce ideas off of each other and get psyched up for Willie.

He's running against two girls. Each of their one minute campaign speeches didn't hold a candle to the frenzy my goofy brother created in the gym....even if the frenzy was a bit planned for impact.

I hope he wins. I think he can win.

Go Team Willie!

My brother @willie_petersen wants to be SBO president. Vote for him.


Emily said...

Vote for Willie! That was awesome!

fivewoods said...

That was great - it made me cry.....Auntie Cindy


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