Monday, April 30, 2012

In a nutshell

Last week was a pretty busy week. I like pretty busy weeks.

I made caramels and brownies for a charity bake sale and 4 loaves of friendship bread for book club.

Elliott started coach pitch (t-ball) and did a great job. He got hits off of all his pitches in both games and didn't need to use the tee except for once...pretty impressive.

That 5 year old of mine also had his 5 year old check up (as tall as a 7 year old and as skinny as a 4 year old) because he and I had kindergarten orientation. Ahhh, the public school system. I'm ready for them, but they may not be ready for me.

Dad went camping with the scouts and the boys and I had a date on Friday night - dinner and basketball. Uncle Willie started his spring league basketball with a 3-0 record. Oh, I love basketball. Especially when the boys are so excited to play and they win squeakers by one point with seconds left.

And I mowed the lawn.  My back still hurts two days later.  I've always sort of been the lawn mower in our house and I love that job.  My current condition however, isn't going to let me do it much longer, so  I'm jumping the gun a bit (racing the husband to the mower) to get as many turns as I can before I seriously cannot do it.

Bread done. Now to clean my house.

Running to first. Hit his second pitch.

Ooey gooey marble brownie bars. For a bake sale. Not for me.

Kindergarten orientation is intense. Immunization nazis (self proclaimed) and crazy box top lady

Let spring ball begin. #hhsbball

Stubborn lawnmower today. Or a new style of nail polish?


Codi said...

Thanks again for baking your yummy treats for the bake sale. The caramels were sold the night before the bake sale even started and the brownies within the first ten minutes. Almost $50 worth of goods thanks to you Annie!


Four Hearts Haven said...

That's how I still feel about the school system. It is my opinion that the schools are there to help me help my children, not the other way around. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion.


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