Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Traveling to the desert

The four of us spent our Easter in Arizona.  We got home last night after an 11 hour journey, 9.5 of those hours driving in the car and listening to the kids movies and trying my damdest to stay awake and make sure Ross didn't drive us off the road.

It had been two years since our last whirlwind tour of Arizona and we made sure to pack in as much as we could this time around, too.  We saw a lot of family on the trip, the opening day game for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and a lot of landscapes, which when sitting in the car as a passenger, is pretty much all I seem to take pictures of.  Oh, my boys?  They love cactus and really put their dad's memory and cub scout training through the wringer expecting him to remember the names of every cactus known to man.

More about the trip later because as usual, I have no clean clothes or underwear and may be in my nightgown all day long.   But, here are a few pictures of some of the scenery.

On the road again…

Leaving Utah early, early, early in the morning.

Southern Utah is pretty.

Southern Utah, near Kanab, is absolutely beautiful.


On the reservation.  

Tallest mt peaks in Arizona. Only mountain peaks in az?

The tallest peaks in Arizona (San Francisco Peaks), right before Flagstaff.

My children are dorks. Or really happy to be out o the car in 83 degrees.

Um....they were really excited to be out of the car and posing in front of some cactii.

Cacti in the dessert.

Heading out of cactus country back to the AZ "mountains".

Wanna sleep in a wigwam?

Route 66 in AZ.  Want to stay in a teepee?  It was just like in the movie CARS.

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