Monday, May 14, 2012

The Squirt: 36 months

First round of presents for the day. He is so excited.

I'm a few days late (busy weekend) but on Saturday at 1:39 pm my little Chicker turned THREE YEARS OLD!  Oh, how time flies.  I can remember the day this little ball of goo was born like it was yesterday and in a few short months, his life will forever be upturned by a new little twerp taking his baby status away from him.

It's okay though, I think.  THis kid has left baby-dom behind, for sure.

Famous last words: mom, I peed. The only thing he's said to me all week, pretty much.

What to say about this crazy boy on his third birthday?  I really am at a loss of words.  Wyatt, you are a ball of contradictions.  You cuddle on my lap and then yell at me for getting you the wrong drink.  You play animal hunter and vacation with your brother and then you hit him on the head for "taking your toy".  You only want pepperoni pizza to eat but then you pull all the peperoni's off your pizza and just eat the cheese and sauce.

You love to sing and dance and play.  You practically live your life laying on the floor.  You love to go to target even more than I do.  You love french fries and root beer, cars and trucks, and watching tv.  I think that you could draw and paint pictures all day...and run around the house and blow bubbles.

Your favorite song these days is "pumped up kicks".  You say your favorite tv show is "Dora the Explorer" (go figure!).  You love the color orange, wearing basketball shorts, and running, running, running.  Toilet training is a thorn in your side (and mine), but you and I are making progress....maybe you won't be in pull-ups for the rest of your life.

Big brother is at a friends. He is so busy painting he hasn't even asked where his bwuder is.

You have an amazing vocabulary,  a wacky sense of humor, and a contagious enthusiasm for all things boy.  You'd live outside if you could and getting into trouble these days seems to be the thing you are best at.  Within half an hour of waking up on Saturday morning, the birthday balloons got stuck in the ceiling fan,` you are constantly trying to break my computer, and your toy gun can no longer go in the car because you wave it out the window like a gangster.

For your birthday you had specific requests.  From mom, a giant robot dinosaur.  From Grandma, a football helmet and jersey.  The dinosaur had been a weekly request since Christmas and the helmet a near weekly request for the last 12 months or so.  Good thing that you've got a great mom and grandma who didn't disappoint on the big day.

He is do not my baby. He can use tools. Oh, my heart breaketh!  But in a good way.

Little brother, I love you.  So do dad and Elliott and everyone else that knows you.  The chubby cheeks and sinister laugh are contagious.  And who can help but smile when you bust a move.  Life as a three year old is going to be full of changes for you - a new family truckster, a new bed, a new bedroom, a new room mate, a new brother, it's going to be quite a year.  Hope you can handle it.

Happy Birthday little boy!

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