Thursday, May 10, 2012

just because....

Just because my boy had a cough and because I'm fat and tired....we cuddled up on the bed to watch a movie of my choosing.

He can't sleep because of a cough. I'm fat. We're watching a movie. Perfect!

Just because my island looked like a crap bomb exploded on it....

Today's project if it kills me. Clean the damn-ned island. And the floors. And the kitchen table. And have a nap.

I cleaned it....

Island done. Counter tops done. Vacuuming done. Diet coke done. Time to go for a walk w the monsters.

Just because I was overcome by an insanely crazy craving for a buttery and salty biscut from Kentucky Fried Chicken around 3:00 pm this afternoon....I made my own and they were delicious!

When craving of all things, biscuits from KFC, go ahead and just make your own. Yum!

Just because the really cool lady I go visiting teaching with is awesome....She sent me this, wishing me a happy mother's day.


I'd say it was a pretty good day.  (The Chick and I didn't watch our movie today but we did yesterday and it was good, too.)

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