Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are typically recognized today for all of the 'physical' things that they do.  The list is endless - cooking, cleaning, shopping, feeding, dressing, doing laundry, shuttling to school / activities, etc.

Not only does Annie do all of these things (very well), but she is an excellent mother from the perspective of all things 'emotional'.

Every day she sets aside her own desires to help to teach and train our boys.  Their intelligence and good natures are a direct result of the time that she spends with them each day.  They are kind, well behaved, creative, and fun loving.  She deserves the credit.  There is nothing better than seeing them working on a project (of her invention) at the kitchen table or seeing them leaning on her shoulder or listening to them laugh as she teases or tickles them.

I would like to recognize Annie's sacrifices today (time, career, interests) on behalf of our boys and say Happy Mother's Day and we love you.

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japetersen said...

Very nice, Ross!


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