Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sometimes I swear he's got to be older than five.

I mean, who doesn't play soccer in shorts and moon boots?

A charm off of his bracelet (that he made without any help) broke the other night as I was getting Wyatt out of the bath tub.

"Mom" he yelled LOUDLY as he walked down the hall back into the bathroom.  In his underwear no less.

"What?" I replied returning the loud.

"Mom!  Another charm fell off my bracelet.  Can you work your magic on this one like you did the other day and fix it?"


Yes my boy, I can work my magic.


I'm behind on reading the happenings in the twitter-verse, but this morning I was catching up on the tweets of my brother.  My boy said the following to his uncle willie over the weekend and it was worthy of a tweet by the president.

Sharks eat everything! Kind of like goats. I call them the goats of the ocean.

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