Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In a nutshell...

Visiting my grandma. I love her.
Visiting my Grandma, and letting her know that her gift to me, little twitchy, is doing just fine.

Ug. I hate wasting a good hair day on a Saturday.

Best hair day in weeks....has to be on a Saturday when I'm not going anywhere but the car dealership to sign papers.  Ug!

Taking care of snowy the owl.

Practicing animal husbandry.

Author of the jungle book wrote a hymn?  Learn something new every day.

Instagramming at church.  Who knew Rudyard Kipling wrote a hymn?  Oh, that's right, my husband and my sister did.  At least I learned something on Sunday.

Visiting my grandma P. I love her lots, too.

Visiting a few other graves, particularly my Grandma P.  Man alive I miss my grandma's!!

So pretty.

Sunday was just breathtakingly beautiful.  Those mountains are part of the reason I love where I live.

Marble brownies coming to a family BBQ soon.

Yummy treats for the family Memorial Day BBQ.

I dare say he has a good memorial day.

One tuckered out 5 year old.  (Note:  That other kid of mine was also with us all weekend, but he was sort of evil and I just didn't take his picture).

Note 2:  
I'm awake very early this morning because I had one of those crazy dreams.  I was in Switzerland with Elliott and my in-laws.  No husband, no other children.  My son and father-in-law had led the way and decided to walk across a strange bridge, straddling a wide river.  We got onto the bridge, me with much trepidation because the thing had wide gaps in it and was being held up by a small string.  I had just taken a picture and as I was putting my phone/camera away, Elliott ran ahead of me and missed the gap.  In order to catch and save him, I sacrificed my phone and it fell to the bottom of the large body of water.  As I was sobbing uncontrollably (apparent the phone contained all our documentation and we were now unidentified in a foreign country) we continued along this bridge, dipping into the water, floating on barges, being pulled along by a string.

Eventually, we go to the end of the line, in a very industrial and coal infused part of the city where we got off.  We had someone been part of an art installation.  It wasn't a real bridge at all, we had just gotten in the way.

Then I woke up.  I had to go to the bathroom and the Nestle Quik was calling my name.

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Bing Math said...

Your dream was totally strange. I just had birds flying through our house and multiplying rapidly (not last night, but a couple of weeks ago).


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