Friday, May 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ross


I know for certain that he feels like an old man the ripe young age of 35!  He's been bemoaning this birthday for months and weeks, that it somehow marks the complete disappearance and decline of his youth.  Regardless of what he thinks, he is still young and active and perfectly healthy.

He will always look younger than me, be skinnier than me, be blonder than me, tan better than me and whine less than me.  That's pretty good for him.  His ear drums may explode and his ears fall off from the weight of constant headphones, but I'm pretty sure that when he's 40 (really old!) I'm going to throw all the head phones away and he has to be a real adult and participate in the sounds of life with us, instead of Big O and Dukes and Dave Ramsey.

This boy that I married is a good husband, a hard worker, and an excellent father.  He is so good with these boys of ours that the thought of him being the dad to a third little twerp is rather exciting.  He'll know just what to do.

In the anniversary card he wrote for me last month, he said he "loves me, etc. etc. etc."  I'm not sure what the etc. is, but ditto to him on his birthday.




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