Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A pretty good summer day!

It started out by blasting the Monkey and the Squirt out of bed to drive them over the river and through the woods to grandmama's house.  They were hanging out because I had an early morning appointment with some monitors.

My Tuesday and Saturday mornings for the next 8-9 weeks.

I guess it's cool to spend over an hour a week listening to the not born baby's heart beat in stereo and watching the little guy squirm around while fluid levels are checked but, I'm only three NST's in this time around and I'm already tired of it. Only 8 weeks to go?

After that, I met the kiddos at the pool and relieved grandma of her babysitting charges. I got the full report on what they ate, whether or not the went to the bathroom before swimming and who was sporting a little bit of mascara and rouge.

Grandma put mascara in him this morning. It really brings out his eyes.

It was a perfect day to sit and watch swimming lessons, too. 81 degrees and breezy. I couldn't have asked for better.

I live swimming lessons when it's 81 and breezy outside. Thank you yesterday's rainstorm.

Then it was home for lunch - french fries, hires fry sauce, and strawberries - playing with toys, making messes and a couple of errands to the pharmacy and grocery store. We had quiet time, pbskids.org time, homework time (for me) and time to e-mail the last 10 days worth of blood sugar stats to the endocrinologist. By the time we got through all of that junk, it was time for t-ball.

The first game of the night only had 6 players total - five from our team and one from the other. It became a hodge podge of parents and kids having a lot of fun and even though they are supposed to use the tee, because they are all three (and four) Ross pitched to all the kids and they all knocked the balls out of the park the entire 45 minutes they played.

Tball Tuesday.

The second game was a bit out of control, but my left-handed batter did a great job and for the first time in two seasons of baseball, I caught him sitting in the field picking at the grass.

After that, because it's just what we do, we all ended up at the patio of Mt. Mike's pizza for the nightly special and some shaved ice shaved by one of our favorite shaver's, Uncle Willie. Things got hoppin' and we stayed until close...and until said Uncle got his stinker nephews pretty wet with melted ice.

Perfect Tuesday night.

We found our way home well after 9:00 pm and the boys had the fastest double shower of their lives. They were jammied and in bed, though not asleep, by 9:30 at which point I disappeared leaving their hyped up sugary little selves in the care of their t-ball coaching, ice shaving dad.

Yes, I'd say it was a pretty good summer day.

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Bing Math said...

Sorry we missed Willie getting them wet. We had a nice evening! Thanks for the entertainment and company.


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