Monday, July 23, 2012

In a nutshell....

We had a busy weekend.  Well, a busy Saturday.  I really love being busy.  My poor feet, not so much.  As of this weekend I'm officially down to two pair of flip flops and a pair of crocs.  That's all I can fit on my feet.  My beloved Birkenstock's, even when loosened, are too tight for these mammothly swollen feet of mine.  Six more weeks.  I can make it 6 more weeks.  (I hope.  I can make it seven if I'm lucky.)

Anyway, on Saturday we hosted a family BBQ in commemoration of Pioneer Day with my dad's family.  Ross and I hosted the same event last year and I think everyone had a good time.  We had great food and everyone hung out and enjoyed themselves (I think.  Right?  You all had a good time?)  And, we ended the evening with everyone trekking over to Shavy Jones with a shaved ice.  I made my brother and cousin work the "party" shift so that all the family would get the best shaved ice.  I hope it was worth it.  Willie did say a group of polygamists stopped by so that at least made the evening exciting.

Sunday was also a busy and good day.  The little Chick was a crazy out of control mess most of the day.  He was tired and had leg aches.  He's in this transitional nap/no nap phase and the days he doesn't have even a short rest he's a mess the day after.  But, all was well and we had a yummy dinner at my mom's and a pioneer day photo shoot of the grand kids with the ghost of Uncle Willie appearing in the some of the photos.

My boys absolutely LOVE their Uncle Willie.  They have such a good relationship with him and I am so glad that he loves them back.  Last night they had a lot of fun playing outside, learning new words (Babushka) and running around, singing, doing interpretive dance, eating at least half a dozen Popsicles a piece and getting really sweaty. 

What better way to spend the weekend than with lots of family and fun.

Now, if only I'd slept last night instead of being awake from 1:00 -5:30 am I wouldn't be dragging quite as severely from the busy weekend this morning.

Oh well.

Enjoy some pictures.




Can you find @willie_petersen in this picture?

The nephews and their uncle. *love*

And, what Sunday night would be complete without a little bit of personal grooming and hygeine. My brother is super hairy and until last night, had some pretty wild eyebrow action going on. After watching a video on eyebrow grooming for men on youtube, the two of us hit the bathroom with some sissors, a come and some tweezers to clean those bad boys up. I must say I did a pretty good job even though we didn't tweeze. Tweezing is a little too rough for a 17 year old boy. But, he did decide to trim some nosehairs to, which is pretty brave.

What did you do on Sunday night?  Me?  Oh, I just trimmed and tweezers my brothers eye brows. @willie_petersen

I used to be the officially little brother toenail clipper. Trimming up his eyebrows was the least I could do. I'm sure his football helmet will fit better now.

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