Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Another tooth bites the dust. That's two in a month. Woah!

The new tooth started moving in about a week ago.  Within a day of that, the other little itty bitty front tooth became loose.  It's been a constant distraction for this little boy for days and days.

Last night, while doing some evening swimming at grandpa's house, said little boy's dad hoisted him into the air and he landed with a splash.  He came up laughing and that dad saw that the itty bitty tooth was crooked and just hanging on.

So, he did what all dads do, he said, "Hey come here.  Open your mouth," and yanked that itty bitty tooth right out.

This time though, we didn't lose it.

At the rate he's going, two teeth in a month, the tooth fairy is going to break the bank.

1 comment:

Four Hearts Haven said...

Since Jacey was afraid of Santa, I didn't even go near the Tooth Fairy. It is the Book Fairy that comes to our house, and when my kids teeth were falling out at the same time (like your first born son's), it was not a wise financial decision on my part. It was definitely paperback time.


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