Saturday, August 09, 2014

A few of the ways I'm like my dad


*We get colds in the summer time.  And coughs that never seem to go away, too.

*We both love American History - him more the Civil War and Lincoln, me more World War II and Civil Rights.

*We both are punctual.

*We both like to plan ahead.  Really far ahead.  Like weeks ahead, which drives everyone we know a little crazy.

*We both like to know who will be at an event so we can decide whether or not we are going before hand.

*We both love basketball.

*We are both stubborn and if we don't want to do something, we won't, and it's pretty hard to guilt either of us into something.  We are both pretty good at saying no.

*My dad is one of those people who will drop everything to help you out - there have been countless times he has saved me and Ross, helped out with the kids when we've been in a jam, and gone above and beyond.  I'm not there yet, but I'm trying to be like my dad.  One day, I hope to be there.

*We like to eat.  But we are also picky eaters and some of the things we refuse to eat are just because we don't really want to.

*We both drink diet coke.

*We are hard workers.

*We both have degrees in history (his a major and mine a minor) and we both at one time had thoughts about law school.

*We believe that children should be good and quiet and not scream.

*My dad is a crier (sorry dad, it's true) and so am I.  Pretty much anything sentimental or too emotional can turn me into a blubbering fool.  He will probably get mad at me for posting this, but he told my sister that it's my fault he is a crier.  When my dad was 12 his dad was killed in a car accident.  He told Haley that he cried and cried and eventually, there just weren't any tears left and that he never cried again.  Except, the day that I was born, he turned into a crier again and hasn't been able to stop.  I'd like to add that the day Willie was born, he really turned on the water works, but that's a different story. 

*We are both tall.

*We are both highly competitive.  We are okay to stand on the sidelines, but once we are involved, watch out because it's game on.  And, this doesn't just have to be about sports, pretty much anything will do.

*We both like Billy Joel.

*We are both practical and are realists.  My mom and sister tend to always see the glass as half full, my dad and I tend to see it as half empty.  We don't want to go out of our way to do something unless we know that the route and the detour will be worth it in the end.  No Gilligan three hour tours for us.  We will stay on the path, thank you!

*We are rule followers.

When I was younger, if someone were to have made me choose which parent of mine I was more like, or related more closely too, hands down I would have chosen my mom.  Because, you know, we are girls and stuff.  And though I am so much like my mother (I could of course make a very similar list), the older I get, the more I realize I am pretty much my dad's clone in so many ways.  And I'm also pretty sure, that's a really good thing.

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japetersen said...

Very, very nice!
Good girl!


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