Friday, August 01, 2014

Weighing in...

Only the important things at 11:20 in the am.  Not pictured: boys snacking, beyonce singing, me standing with sleepy eyes and messy hair, and all of my pent up frustrations at the world.  Grapefruit really does help though.

Yesterday I had an appointment with my diabetes dr.  As always, I get nervous before these appointments.  I go every three months, and it seems the week or two before these appointments, my body goes haywire with crazy blood sugar lows and highs and I end up being totally out of whack and feeling pretty crappy.  Ross and I have taken to calling them my quarterly tune-ups.  It's time to tweak the numbers and change the sliding scales.

The thing that always wigs me out about the doctor though, is the scale.  That blasted scale.  As I've mentioned countless times before, it's my nemesis.  I'm trying to not worry about it so much, or be so tied to the number it reports, but I just cannot help it.

Also, as I've mentioned previously, my weight has been "weighing" heavily on my mind (ha, a pun!) for months and months as I've been struggling to shed some pounds and get healthier.  I'm on week three of my second 12 week health challenge and am really focusing on getting healthier and eating healthier.  Even though I want the hamburger, I'm choosing the salad.  Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway - two things.
One, I got my trainer folder from the gym on Tuesday and decided to update my measurements.  The last time they were checked was April 10, three months ago, so I decided they needed some updating.  Not a whole lot had changed, except in my hips and thighs, which have each seen a four inch decrease in the last three months.  I thought that was pretty great.  No wonder stuff is fitting better!

Two, on my scale at home, I've lost 15 pounds since April.  It's been hard work and I've had to fight for every single pound, but I've been doing it.  My brother-in-law can drop 20 pounds in a week, but I have to fight for 15 in months.  But, the 15 is important because this 15, added to the 10 I lost last year equals 25.  That brings me within 5 pounds of the goal of 30 I set for myself last November.  Initially, I didn't think losing 30 pounds would take me 7 months or more, I thought I could do it fast. Then, the fact that 7 months later I'm still fighting my way through to hit my goal, it's exhausting and makes me pretty proud of myself at the same time.  By November of this year, going a full 12 months, hopefully I can knock out those last 5 pounds, and maybe another 10?  I'm sure that's asking too much, but if I've made it this far, I might as well keep going, right?

Anyway with the inches and the pounds under my belt, I was prepared for the doctors scale least prepared enough to not let the high number (why is it always so much higher than at home?) upset and frustrate and deter me.  Like it always does.  But, I realized something yesterday.  The number at the doctor's office was a little bit higher than at home, but regardless, her scale showed a 15 pound weight loss too, her scale's scale is just a little bit different (another pun).

That was a pretty good feeling.

I don't often walk away from a doctor's appointment feeling good about myself.  I also don't generally have a health practitioner tell me that I'm doing a good job and that she is proud of me. 

It was a nice change of pace.

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