Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sunday dinner in the Mountains


At least once a summer, for our Sunday dinner, we trek to the mountains, my parentals, sister and I (including our families of course) and we take our meal in the great outdoors.  We pretty much always head up Millcreek Canyon and it is pretty much always crazy crowded.  Coordinating our positions driving up and down the canyon looking for a picnic spot is generally pretty complicated, but on Sunday, everything went off without a hitch.  We found a spot, were all within a few minutes of each other, and set up for our evening in the woods.  With of course, five million other people who had the same idea.

First thing was first of course, my mom sprayed her raid on the table to kill all the bugs and then set out our table cloths.  One must have table cloths and be fancy in the mountains.  We had burgers and hotdogs and brats, pasta salad, fruit, corn on the cob, chips and lots of treats.  The food was great, as was the company.  The children were all perfectly behaved and Quinn, perhaps for the first time in his life, got dirty.  Good and solid dirty.  He was black from head to toe, Ross and I left him alone except for a few wet wipe hand washings, and he turned the bathtub black when we got home.

While the men folk sat around the fire pit watching the bbq coals flame out, the rest of us sat at the table doing an art project, leaf rubbings, and talking about our favorite uncle on a mission.

It was just a really great night.

We need to do it more often.  There is just something about being in the mountains, "unplugged" that is really really good.

Look!  We went to the mountains tonight and ate dinner with @japetersen1 and @hqbing1 .  It was lovely and dirty.

And of course we had tablecloths and art projects (leaf rubbing) in the mountains because #imadork and my mom is fancy.

And while we did art projects and talked about the #lithuaniaexpress  they talked about #boring football

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Very nice report!


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