Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some days...

Brownies with cookie dough for frosting.  Blowing my own mind!

Some days I am not sure I can tolerate one more fly in my house. I wish my boys would close doors.

Some days, I just wish it would rain. Some days, all I want to do is eat brownie batter and cookie dough all day long.

Some days, I wish I could hang out with my mom and my sister, uninterrupted, and without kids, and get a really good cherry diet coke.

Some days, I want to go to Washington DC.

Some days, it would be nice to wiggle my nose and have my house be magically cleaned. But then again, the mess means that we are living our lives, and that's a good thing, too.

Some days, I wish I could trap Wyatt's laugh in a bottle, Elliott's helpfulness in a jar, and the way Quinn says gorilla and giraffe in a chap stick tube and open them up when I need a smile.

Some days, I wish I was skinny.  Other days, I'm perfectly happy the way I am.

Some days, I'd like to flash back to when I had a "boyfriend" and not a "husband" and he took me on adventures.

Some days, I'm really happy.  Well, most days I am, except the days I'm not.

Some days, I want to wander around IKEA and Target by myself.

Some days, I want to eat Cheetos, but I don't.  Other days, I do.

Some days, I get a phone call from my mom in the morning to tell me hello and to pay me a compliment and to tell the boys that she loves them before we head out the door for school!  Those days (like today) are really good days.   I love my mom.

Some days, I miss my brother a lot.

Some days, I make a lot of lists, and never ever check anything off of them.  Other days, everything gets checked off.

Some days, I run out of cherry NyQuil and my husband buys original flavor, which tastes like black licorice, which I do not like.  He however, returns it for me, to get cherry instead.  I appreciate this and should probably tell him thank you.

Some days, even with the kids at home, end up being quiet most of the day.  Those are very interesting days.

Some days, I get more done in an hour than I do in a week.  Other days, I get less done in 14 hours than I do in two.

Some days, I drink so much water, that I cannot leave my house.  Some days, I only drink diet coke.

Some days, like yesterday, I don't wear any make-up, or comb my hair, and blow bright orange stuff out of my nose.  But then, there are days like today, where I get my act together a little bit more, and at least put on some mascara.  Because, mascara is important when all you have to do is empty a dishwasher, vacuum, put clean sheets on beds and rock a baby to sleep.

Some days, I eat grapefruit.  And I really, really like it.  Other days, maybe for four days in a row, I sleep through my alarm to go to the gym (it's because of the NyQuil) and take a walk around the lake instead.

Most days, I need to remember that I'm a pretty lucky kid, with a pretty lucky life.


fivewoods said...

Annie - you are such a great writer! Thanks for sharing your talent

Bing Math said...

Nice job!


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