Monday, August 04, 2014

Quinner :: 23 months


One word kid: Molars!

Finally just this weekend your bottom two molars have poked through, but I think we are still waiting on the top.  They have been fighting their way for a little over a month now, and have cause quite a few sleepless nights, a few raised temperatures, and last night you threw up all over the rug in my bedroom.  So, like I said, hopefully these dumb teeth with just do their thing and we can move on.

Otherwise, you are king of the castle, as usual.

After school drives me nuts!

You love to jump on the trampoline, jabber about animals, and fight with your brothers.  They have taught you well and you can hit and tackle and wrestle right along with them.  "Stop it boys!"  "Knock it off, boys"  "Dumb, boys!"  "Elliott and Wyatt, no!"  Yup, you've picked up some pretty key phrases from your mom, too.

When you loose an animal, you come to me and say, "Mom, where biraffe go?" and I say, "I don't know, where is your giraffe?" and you say, "At the zoo." When you can't find your dad, you say, "Mom, dad at work?"  and I say yes.  Or, when you cannot find Elliott you ask if he is at school.  If I ask you, "Quinn, where is Wyatt?"  you reply, "No Wyatt!"  Yeah, you two are pretty big frenemies lately.

Your animal obsession has picked up speed and you always have a couple in your hand, your encyclopedia of animals nearby, and are ready to tell us all about gorillas and rhinos and elephants the second we will stop to listen.  You could live at the zoo if we'd let you.


Just last week, you figured out that Uncle Willie is on a mission and you can say mission.  It's pretty cute and I love when you say it.  We got a video from a sister in Willie's mission that just got home of Willie doing a musical number and the first Saturday we watched it, we watched it at least a dozen times because after it finished you turned to me and said, "More Willie Mama.  More Willie".  I was more than happy to oblige.

In fact, you still love that uncle of your so much, we have to look at pictures in the drop box folders of him every day, as well as in photo albums and on the bulletin boards on the walls.  He's been gone almost 6 months, and he is still fresh on your mind which makes this mama (and I'm sure your far away Elder Uncle) very happy.  You've even heard us talk about Willie's first companion so much that when you see him in pictures, you say Elder Marshall.


You can ride a scooter.  Love to swim and just love to spend time with all your family.  And, besides being just the cutest and most handsome little blond guy around (Jackity-Jack being a close second of course) I just love you lots.

Less than a month and you are two my boy.  Oh my goodness.  What will I do with a two year old?

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