Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Holidaze is over and we survived

Christmas is over and the goose got super fat....oh wait, we didn't eat goose, but I'm super fat! Today, the day after Christmas is a time of reflection. After all my whining, complaining, and overall scrooginess, we survived a very nice holiday with the family.

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma Huber's house with a very nice dinner and program. This year Grandma asked me to bring my camera to document the plethora of presents under her tree, the coffee table, in the dining room..pretty much everywhere. When you buy gifts for like, 60 people, things can get a little crazy. After pictures and food, mom and the little chillins prepared a nice program reading from Luke:2, intertwined with some musical numbers with Haley as maestro on the piano. Perhaps the sing-along after, with all made up and improvised verses was a little more entertaining however.


By the time Christmas day was over, it felt like we had run a marathon. Ross and I got our sorry heads out of bed around 7:00, got ready, opened our presents and headed to my parentals house to greet Willie and his exuberance early in the morning. We opened gifts with my family then headed to aunt Karen's house for brunch and a gift exchange. By the time we got settled at Karen's, it was time to move on because Haley and James had places to be. We rushed back to the units house, watched James open his gifts, packed up and headed to Grandma Hubers for more food, fun, and gifts galore. We finally left as daylight was fading and headed to Ross mom and dad's house, even though they weren't there, to play with the dog. Well, for Ross to play with the dog and me have the animal jump on my lap and stick it's rank butt in my face. After Ross got his fill of puppy and gave the dog a bath, we finally headed home for the night to sit and stare at all the gifts we received and so Ross could watch Monday Night Football.

I went to bed at 8:30...Gary and I were exhausted, well I was exhausted. Gary was just gearing up for a night full of flips, summersaults, and vigorous attempts to escape his internal world and get a taste of the outside.

This morning when we awoke from our long winters nap, the house was still a disaster, with gifts floating all over the living room. We'll dig ourselves out eventually.

Ross and I received some very lovely and thoughtful gifts and even though I said no baby stuff, we got some of that, too and it was great! We even got a Gary for "Gary" (Pictures of that later). Ross gave me a gift I had been asking for for months...a new compact digital camera. Our hundred year old 2 mp broke and has been replaced. Yeah! I love cameras.

christmas eve 2006001

christmas eve 2006002

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