Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is a day that can go down in history and won't happen again in my life time.


Pretty cool.

I didn't have anything special planned for the day but it ended up being a pretty good one.

Wyatt had school and Elliott and I had a nice and quiet morning at home with the Quinner and Disney Junior on the computer.

After we picked Wyatt up from school we headed out to Hunter to take our favorite uncle his pre-game lunch of Chick-fil-a.  We were so happy to see the President during the day, especially because we were not going to drive to Logan for the game tonight (They lost by 1 and Wyatt threw up.  Glad we stayed home).  Uncle Willie ate his lunch with us in the car, in the parking lot (the "maneuver" as my husband calls it), and told us about his Sasquatch movie for his art class.  We then drove him from the parking space in the front of the school to the front of the school to drop him off.  I mean, it saved him at least 15 steps and it was cold, so totally worth it.

After that, we headed to my parents to finish our lunch, feed Quinn, and run around for a few minutes.  Then after that, we headed out to my grandpa's house.

One of my aunts organized an advent calendar for my grandpa this year and all of us in the family each took a day or two (I have three...go figure) and on our day we're providing my grandpa with a special treat or surprise.  We've already given him a really great Christmas CD.  He's also received black licorice, a festive wreath, a noisy penguin toy, fruit cake and a lot of other cool stuff.  But today, it was my turn to do something I'd been thinking about for a long time.  There is one wall, in the hall, that minus a drawing of my uncle's that has been hanging at least 30 years has been blank.  So I decided it needed to be gussied up a bit and hung 8 pictures today.  Each photo representing the children and grandchildren of my mom and her siblings.  That's a total of 41 grand and great-grand children (including spouses) whose pictures are now on the wall for my grandpa to look at every time he comes out of the bathroom.

While I hammered, nailed, and hung my photos my sweet boys were so good.  They lined up every single noisy Christmas toy in the living room and with their baby brother on the floor as their audience, turned every single one on, in turn, and danced and sang and giggled the afternoon away.

Can I tell you Internet how awesome it is for me that my boys love my grandparents house as much as I do?  It makes my heart swell with happy. 

12-12-12  today was my advent day for my grandpa.  The boys and I spent the afternoon doing a secret photo project v at his house.  A great way to spent such a cool day.
The picture of course doesn't do the project justice and i hope my grandpa doesn't care that I poked 8 holes in his wall (well, 9 holes, actually).  But, I thought that when I was finished it ended up looking pretty cool.
And if nothing else, it was a great way to spend a little bit of such a unique day.

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