Thursday, December 06, 2012

Year Round School

Mom school returns

November 30 was Elliott's last day of school for the year.  He's on a year-round elementary school schedule and on "B" track.  This means that he started school on August 2 and went until the end of August.  He then had three weeks off starting September 10 - right when we brought home a new baby.  Those three weeks - new baby, recovery, health scares with blood pressure, 3 year old and anxious 5 year old with no school every day made for a pretty anxiety ridden life cocktail.  As soon as he went back to school, it felt like life finally started to find it's "normal".  Elliott was in school all of October and November and now he has 4 weeks off of school.  He goes back right after new years in January, has a three week break in March, a two week break in May and then graduates from Kindergarten on July 2.  He then has three weeks off and starts first grade at the end of July.

As soon as she went back on track in October, I swore to myself that I'd be more prepared for off-track this time.  Today is the 4th day he's been home all day and today is okay.

Monday was hard, but Wyatt went to school and my in-laws fixed me dinner.
Tuesday brought me to tears.  It was the hardest, longest, day I'd had in months.  It was also day two of a sweet little baby not having a nap.  What little soul can nap with all the screaming and chaos his older brothers create.  I think both Quinn and I were ready to throw the big boys into the garbage can.
Wednesday was stressful, but the baby had a 90 minute nap.  Score!
Thursday, today, we're doing better.  But in just the morning I made them clean their rooms, make their beds, vacuum the entire upstairs, clean up their toys, and do mom school, which included hard math problems.

Our home has been so loud and chaotic and up until today, it looked like some one had broken in and ransacked the joint.  The big boys have no volume control and scream and fight and wrestle and kill each other in an ebb and flow pattern that makes me think the tide is coming in.  They build and destroy.  They jump on beds and almost sprain their ankles.  They hit and claw.  They play and love each other.  They both look at being home every day as if someone (the other) is invading their territory.  It's been like living in the brain of someone who is bi-polar.  These boys of mine are complete opposites and though they get along really well with each other, when they don't, it's out of control.

Having a very smart and capable 5.75 year old at home every single day, when he should be at school learning, demanding every ounce of my attention, recognition, praise, and affection is so hard.  Elliott is such a good help.  I love him so much.  Quinn LOVES him and Elliott will lay on the floor with his baby for a lifetime talking to him, tickling him, and singing softly.  But, he is a little boy that struggles to invent his own games and activities.  Wyatt will lay on the floor for hours lost in his imagination.  Elliott only finds his imagination if I tell him it's okay first.

Thank goodness its the holiday season and we have a lot going on.  Thank goodness for helpful grandparents, lots of basketball games, and a daily advent prize or activity to keep us busy.  

Other wise, just four days into off-track, I'd already be in the loony bin.

Year round school is so dumb.

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