Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmastime was here.....




We have wonderful family who love us all lots and lots.

Generosity abounds on Christmas day.

I shed a few tears leaving my grandparents house on Christmas night because I wished so dearly to have my grandma be there with us. I made sure that on Christmas Eve I camped out in her chair so that I could feel her close to me. On Christmas Day I sat in her other chair, just to remind me that she was with us.

I love the traditions we are making with our children, and their cousins, and my parents. It was a really nice day.

With a lot of diet coke!

My Shepards
Merry Christmas to all!  Can I go back to bed now?
Uninterrupted kindle time.   Finally
Beautiful Christmas dishes from my mama.  #ilovemymom
It's going to take days to dig out.  #my momisnuts

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