Wednesday, December 12, 2012

While were off track....

It's been 11 full days of off track life.  We are nearly halfway through.


My ever demanding boys have been ever demanding these days.  It seems that they are no longer cutting me any slack as the mom with a baby.  They are in full demand of projects, and arts and crafts, and popcorn.  Lots and lots of popcorn.

Here's just a little taste of what we've been up to.

Might as well put them to work right?

They swiffered yesterday for 20 minutes each. The cleanest my kitchen floor has been in ages.

Camping out to watch the brave little toaster
They camped out to watch, "The brave little toaster" one of the most mindnumbingly boring children's movies ever...except "Totoro". They were however, completely silent and glued to the television for almost 90 minutes. For that, thank you brave little toaster.

Spidey is ready for Christmas

Spiderman is ready for the holiday. The boys are super into superheroes lately. But, they both cannot be a super hero at the same time. One of them will be, oh, superman and the other? He must be scooby doo. Have you ever seen Scooby shoot out webs and fly between buildings? I have.

Helping dad!

Checked air pressure.

Selling t-shirts at last night's game.  Getting them working young.
Selling t-shirts for a basketball fundraiser at the home games. They are pretty persuasive little sells people.

Big brothers just got home and are saying hello.

Loving on that sweet baby brother of theirs.

We've also seen the return of the summer failure: Mom School. Yes, my 5 year old is so desperate for kindergarten that we've broken out all our workbooks, lined paper, left-handed scissors and gotten to work. We've done hard math problems and read lots and lots of books. It's been awesome.

Thank you pinterest for the activity.  It bought me 12 minutes with no fighting or yelling   #offtracksucksdeadbear

And, we've done some super cool and easy art projects. This one only took some milk, food coloring and some dish soap. It kept us busy off and on for the entire day.

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