Sunday, December 02, 2012

Quinner: 3 months


Yes sir!  A Utah man am I!

You smile, you laugh, you talk a lot.  You have the stinkiest farts in the entire world and make me gag.

I love you!!!!

Yes, my boy, you are another month older.  I was talking to your dad the other night and said, "Right now, he's three months old.  Before I know it, he'll be 5, then 18 and on a mission.  He's growing up too fast."  Your dad, ever the practical one in our family said, "No. He isn't going to be five tomorrow."

He's right.  You'll just be three months plus one day tomorrow.

In the last month my boy you are doing amazing baby things.  Last week, we switched you officially to 9 month clothes.  You started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago (bed time between 8:30-9:00 and up at 5:00, drink a bottle and then go back to sleep).  You are turning into a creature of habit, just like your mom and dad and it's awesome.  We figure right now, you weigh 17 pounds, you're trying to sit up all by your self when I've go you on my lap with your back to my chest, and you can pull your legs all the way off the ground and pull your butt right up with them.  It makes my abs hurt just thinking about it.


You love your brothers and they love you back times 10.  All they want to do is hold you, talk to you, rub your head, and tell me that you stink.

Have I mentioned your stinky?  Seriously kid, you have THE WORST GAS in the history of babies.  You fart louder than your brothers.  It makes us laugh a dozen times a day.

You eat your fist.
You talk to angels on the ceiling.
You like to listen to music.
You do not like to ride in the car in the dark.
The fattest part of your whole body is your thighs right where they meet your hip.  It's a good thing that fat part of your legs is covered by diaper or I might just squeeze them all day long.


You have beautiful eyelashes and your finger nails grow super fast.

I think you love me.
When you wake up for good in the morning, even though you are starving you don't cry.  You just talk in your crib.
You have a good dad who feeds you bottles at night so I get to stay asleep.  I love you dad because he does that for us.
You aren't a very good napper.  In fact, you are on a strange schedule where one day, you have no naps and the next day you sleep all day.  It's your deal so I roll with it but the no naps days are pretty exhausting for both of us and by the time dinner rolls around, you and I have both had it.

Fat baby in a bumbo

You are getting good at sitting in the bumbo chair, but your legs are too fat and it usually makes you puke.  Your brothers spend more time sitting in it than you.  They both fit better now than when they were babies.

Hi.  I'm almost 3 months old and my mom cannot handle it.

As much as we've tried, you are not a binker kid.  You like to use mom as your pacifier and if that doesn't work, you suck on your fist and make a super loud popping sound when the suction is released.  It's pretty funny.

Just chilling at the game

You have been to several Runnin' Utes basketball games now and you really have a good time.  You either spend the whole game asleep in your chair or laying on a quilt, on the row behind us, talking to the seats.  They apparently have a lot to say.


Yesterday, you went to your first Christmas party.  You slept through all the chaos until it was time to see the big guy himself.  I'm not sure what you said to Mrs. Claus to make her seem so disinterested in holding you, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Maybe you farted on her lap?

I love you baby!
You are my squish.  You are my smile.  You are my boy!
I don't deserve you, but I love you.  

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Bing Math said...

Hi Quinn! Happy 3 months old. I think Mrs. Claus is wearing a missionary badge and Santa has a pretty weird look on his face, too.


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