Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year in Review

2012 is almost over and it was quite a year for our little family. 
Ross traveled to South America and back.
They boys did lots of baseball, swimming lessons and soccer.
We added a concrete pad, flower bed curbing, and a fence to the yard and painted a few rooms in the house and gussied up the laundry room.
Wyatt moved from diapers to big boy pants, a crib to a bed, and from a binker and blankies to nothing at all.
Elliott grew inches, learned a bunch of new words, and almost mastered riding his bike and tying his shoes.
We started and finished our 4th season of Shavy Jones shaved ice.
Elliott turned 5.  Wyatt turned 3.  Ross and I each got a year older.
Elliott started Kindergarten and Wyatt started preschool.
We swam a lot at Grandpa Huber's house and spent a lot of time hanging out in the gym and in the bleachers cheering on Uncle Willie.
We went to Sea World, Lego Land and Dinosaur Land.
We hosted a bunch of parties and ate a lot of really yummy food.
We went on A LOT of walks around the neighborhood looking for bugs.
The boys rode their scooters until their legs were sore and kicked the soccer ball into the street hundreds of times.
Ross and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary but 10 years of knowing each other.
My brother grew taller than me and I couldn't be prouder.
We grew our family by one first cousin, one second cousin, and one sweet and squishy baby boy.  
Yes.  I'd say that this was definitely a memorable year.

We wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

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Codi said...

Nice job Annie - I love this video of your cute family. You're my inspiration to get back on the blog wagon. Thanks for another great year of friendship - happy new year!


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