Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Chickaroo and his Christmas to-do

Life moves fast.  I'm a week late but couldn't let the year end without documenting Wyatt's preschool Christmas program.  He did such a great job and we were all so proud of him.

He played the part of a rocking horse in the program.  He learned his song before Thanksgiving and has been singing it for over a month.

I'm a Christmas rocking horse.
See me rock.  See me rock.
Santa brought me here today,
Just at twelve o'clock.

I'll admit I was a bit nervous about him sitting up in the bleachers with the other little kids.  And about him singing.  And about him being shy and goofy but his extrovert self shown brightly and proudly and he did an amazing job.

Grandma Judy, Grandma Connie, Grandpa Dick, Elliott, Quinn, and mom and dad were there to watch him.  One he spotted us in the audience, he caught our eyes and offered his famous thumbs up at least a dozen times.

He was so excited.

He was so proud.

He is such a good boy.

Christmas preschool program.  And a little girl  digging for gold
And, as a side note because I want to remember it forever and probably won't manage to get a recording of it any time soon, there is this:
Wyatt's favorite song is Silent Night.  He knows all the words to the first verse, and most of the words to the other two.  This has been my song to him since the day he was born.  In May.  Yes, it's strange that I started right out singing him a Christmas song, but in the three and a half years he's been alive, I can honestly say a day has not gone by when we haven't sung silent night.
That being said, on Christmas Eve, driving home from my Grandpa's house, Quinn was having a major baby meltdown in the back of the car.  He was frantic and freaking out and I had to cover my ears it was so intense.  But, sweet little Chickie, in as calm and quiet as a way that he's capable of started singing to his brother.
Silent night.  Holy night.
All is cawm.  All is bwight.
Wound yon birgin, mother and child.
Holy infant so tender and wild.
Sweep in hebenly peace.  Sweep in hebenly peace.
Yes, the baby Jesus was tender and wild.
In the absolute chaos of screaming, gagging, chocking baby in the car, this little boy made his mom and dad smile and laugh.  And for a brief moment got his afraid of the dark baby brother to stop screaming.

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