Monday, December 17, 2012

In a nutshell...

I love my family.  I love that my boys are safe with me everyday and that when I have to send them out into the big bad world, I pray that they will be okay, make good decisions, and that they will be protected.  I hope that I never have to fear sending my boys to school to learn and to grow and to make friends.  I pray that all the wakadoos in the world stay far, far away, leave me and my children alone.

Baby needs a haircut

I pray that this little boy with his crazy hair will grow up happy and healthy and be my sweet baby his whole life long.  Or at least my sweet boy but man he's growing up too fast.

Good boy.  My rough morning obviously made an impression on him

I pray that my boys know I love them just as much as I hope they always love me.

You kbow it's a big deal when you have assigned seats?  Man I have work parties.

I pray that I can learn to not spend all my time worrying about what to wear to dumb work parties, instead focusing my attention on more important cleaning off the island in my kitchen.

Pristine winter out my back door.  Beautiful.  #igutah  #igutahwinter

I pray that I will always take the time to stop and breathe in the beauty that the world has to offer.  That I can go outside in the snow, in my bare feet for just a minute to soak it all in, because it is beautiful.

Snow tower w dad

I pray that these boys will always get to grow up playing with their dad, snow or sun, and that they grow up to be just like him.  (Minus the headphones?)

Did he throw it at me?

I pray that this boy will always decided to NOT throw the snowball in my face.

Minute time win it at the family party

I pray that my family, immediate and extended, will always stick together and love each other and spend time together.

Finished gingerbread houses.

And also that I remember, especially when everything feels too hard, that I'm super lucky to be here, right now, in my life, with my family.  I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

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