Sunday, November 23, 2008

I should leave him home alone to watch his team lose more often

Elliott and I had a football party last night with my mom and sister. We had a great time and watched our first full televised football game of the season. Yeah, we really watched it - the whole thing. And cheered, and yelled, etc.

Ross was home alone watching the game. That's the way we planned it. In almost 6 years of being married, we've never been in the same place to watch "the big game". It works for the best. We have ground rules (no taunting phone calls and no rubbing in after), but basically, that's just what we do.

And...while home alone it seems that my husband, like a true BYWoo fan (Sorry Ross - but you know I'm right), gave up on the game shortly after half time because he was convinced it was over. (To be fair however, my dad and brother left the Utah v. Oregon game early because Utah was sucking and then had to hear the ravenous cheers as they were walking to their car).

Anyway, while home alone with a losing team he cleaned the basement, all the bathrooms, straightened up Elliott's room and even did some touch up painting.

Thank you! We should do yesterday more often.


Petersen Family said...

Annie --
You are so lucky to have Ross!

Staples said...


Staples said...


Michele said...

Wasn't that a great game? It was the first one we were able to attend this year, due to having a new baby and all, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I wrote a nasty little post about BYU fans that you may enjoy:)


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