Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something to complain about

It's almost halfway through NaBloPoMo and so far I still haven't missed a day. yeah for me, right?

I'll admit though, that the first part of the month - the posting came pretty easy - there was a lot going on and I felt the need to write. Now that we're halfway through though, I'm running out of ideas...thus, this post.

We watch a lot of children's programming on local public television stations. I obviously don't enjoy all the shows that the Monkey does, but I go along to get along. It just makes life easier sometimes if that familiar little monkey or super reader is on the televizzle.

Here is my big issue though - RERUNS! I get that the programming is funded by the government, grants, and regular old folks who actually donate to public television but what is with all the reruns? Over the summer I figured that the same episode of Curious George running back, to back, to back days at a time was normal, right? It's the summer and if all the regular tv shows are in reruns thus be the kiddie shows on PBS.

But it's now the fall, and it seems that we're still stuck in the rut - the black hole of reruns.

I cannot stand Curious George. That mischievous little monkey is the most annoying bad example on television for the impressionable almost two years old set. Maybe it's that monkey that is making MY MONKEY be such a stinker these days...if the monkey can get into the fridge and go to the store by itself on the tv then why can't my little boy pull everything out of the pantry, right? What makes that more frustrating is that I have to see George do the same things over and over many times do we have to watch him try and figure out how to keep the cows out of the wild flowers? I think that even Elliott recognizes that we've seen certain episodes one million times.

Do any of you other moms find this annoying or is it just me? Another example. Elliott loves Super Why - we're just really getting into letters and when he sees some of the 6 or so he recognizes on the screen he yells "yeah" and claps his hands - problem though. We watch it every morning at 9 am right before the bath tub. It's part of our routine and I like routine. Every morning this week though it's been the same episode, Momataro the Peach Boy. Oh how I'm sick of the peach boy.

Come on local public television us something new! Please!

For the sanity of moms every where.

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LeeAnn said...

I think that's why they have "Fund Raisors.


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