Friday, November 07, 2008

Toddler Friday: Didn't you know, anything can be a train

scentsy train

Can I just tell you that sometimes I love my monkey more than I ever thought was possible. Yesterday morning he didn't want to get dressed so we were just hanging out downstairs while I was cleaning, straightening, throwing away junk and vacuuming.

This boy of mine loves to smell things and knows which drawer we keep the scentsy stash in. On his very tippy toes he got them all out, one at a time and gently set all his scents on the floor.

After smelling them all together, I left my monkey to his own devices and got back to work. Things got quiet and I peeked around the kitchen counter and found him on the floor...with his scentsy train....saying, "choo choo" and pushing them every so slowly towards the wall - where they later crashed.

It was just what I needed this week to melt my heart a bit and make me smile - remembering that I love being this kids mom!

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